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Ometeotl Ministries Nahuatl Philosophy por Los Gente de Nican Tlaca. . . .

Kuauhtli is the Nahuatl word for Eagle. The Eagle is a universal symbol found throughout all of Anahuac (Amerikkka). Associated with the Sky and Sun, Kuauhtli is a powerful symbol that represents spiritual power and the sacred.

Ometeotl Ministries began with a dream or a vision some might say. Back in 2005 I had a vision/dream that I flew with the Eagle and it was so very surreal. When I went before Elders of different tribes (Lakota, Apache, Navaho) I was told the dream meant that I was a messenger. The Eagle represents a message. The Abeulos were telling me I had a purpose ,I am also a poetess and a deep thinker by nature.

Mexicans, Central Americans, and other Native American indigenous peoples of this Stolen Continent since 1492 should by rights and law have the right to migrate where ever they chose on this Continent. After all it has been our land for many thousands of years. Whereas those whom are in government now and make the laws are the true immigrants and descendants of immigrant squatters. Squatters as they had NO Rights to this Continent and invaded, stole, committed horrific crimes of germ warfare and genocide to acquire our land.

Calling us (Mexicans, Central Americans, Canadian Indians) immigrants is like calling the Lakota, Dine, or any other Native American Indian an immigrant! The present and past Government placed false borders as a means of Division and to Conquer the peoples of this stolen continent. As this insanity continues we've allowed the government into our schools, our homes and our businesses....Enough is Enough!

A Holocaust continues well over 500 years here in what is called America. Just as the Jews had their Holocaust we continue to have ours. All our land, resources, culture and languages have and are being slowly stripped away. This is a terrible and tragic thing that is happening all in the name of a false and corrupt government that cares nothing for people but only monetary wealth.

There are solutions to these horrific problems but it will take dedication, education, determination, and unity! Somethings our people have been beaten down to forget. Open your eyes and hearts and look around, I mean truly look around and see what is going on. The present government is becoming a dictatorship and has not been a democracy for a very long time.

Jobs are becoming more and more scarce, our educational system is a joke as it is last on the governments bids for money. The cost of living continues to skyrocket while resources for the people become less and less. Our children, elders and women are being dishonored more and more. Something must change and quickly. It is truly time for a revolution.... A revolution of minds, hearts and determination to make this burdened and suffering society well again.

What do you do with a building that no longer is functional? You tear it down and rebuild! That is what needs to happen here in the United States of America or we are all doomed. We as a people need to get our priorities in order and stop just sitting around complaining and get up and Do SOMETHING to make some positive changes for our next generations to come.

A great man once said (Malcolm X) "If you are not part of the solution then you are a part of the problem!"  This is my vision for Ometeotl Ministries . . . . To be a part of the Solution and not the problem. Won't you come and join this vision with me? I know there are some wonderful people out there just waiting to be able to do something and see some great changes for all people.

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